Welcome to Commons College

Commons College is an provider of further and higher education programmes based in London Borough of Harrow, North West of London.

The College is committed to provide high-quality teaching and learning environment for all of its learners using innovative methods and to equip learners with the knowledge and skills they require to succeed in their lives.

At Commons College, we provide apprenticeships training in Construction & Building Services. We deliver training in Mortgage Advisory Services and Hair & Beauty for would be professionals of relevant industries. We also deliver Further & Higher Education programmes in Business and Management, Computing, and Health & Social Care.


Our Management Board have meetings frequently with the local employers to identify the labour demand in the industry.  Then we will check whether we get that standards or framework available to deliver. Our due diligence process will then start to complete the full process with employers.  We will start the recruitment and selection process with employers for the standards and frameworks we deliver. We check whether their experience and previous qualifications are sufficient to follow our apprenticeship standards and framework. We check their contract as per to the UK employment regulations like employment rights act 1996 and all job roles are genuine. We also ensure that all apprentices got commitment statement and apprenticeship agreement with our employers. We do regular trainings and on programme assessment for employers for their recruitment and selection drive for apprenticeship

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If your organisation, including any connected company or charity, has an annual pay bill of more than £3 million you will pay the apprenticeship levy through the apprenticeship service. If you don’t pay the levy, you will fund your apprentices in a different way.

1. Before setting up your account on the apprenticeship service

You can use this tool to estimate if your organisation will pay the apprenticeship levy and how much funding you’ll receive.

If you pay the levy you need to talk to:

  • the person who has access to your Government Gateway account because you will need to use this to set up your apprenticeship service account - you should do this as early as possible - (this is usually someone from your payroll department)
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At Commons College partnership means a lot beyond just another collaboration arrangement. To us it means combined and increased impact to make a real difference and innovation to succeed. Since our inception we take care of partnership arrangements with greater importance as these contributes enormously to the academic and overall progress of our organisation. We are hence driven by our mission to build trust and opportunity across the country. We believe will be able to achieve our ambitious goals by working closely with the community and beyond.

Our openness and ability to work in collaboration with partners strengthen our organisation to develop innovative thinking, sharing expertise to help our learners achieve their goals and to succeed in their lives.

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Accreditation and Affiliations