About Us

Common College was established in 2015 with the view to enhance the employability skills among young and adult in construction, beauty therapy, business and IT sectors. We provide opportunity to young and adult learners to get the best start in their life regardless their back ground. We ensure that all learners are able to access high-quality education at every stage in their learner journey. We have passed the Department for Education (DfE) and Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) due diligence and have been approved to be in the Register of Apprenticeship Training Organisation (RoATP). We deliver apprenticeship trainings in Construction, Mortgage advisory Service, Business and Beauty Therapy.  We deliver training with an aim for apprentices to acquire Knowledge, Skills and Behaviour, so that they  attain opportunities to work with sectors such as Careers and Enterprise Company, Further Education Colleges (FECs), the Confederation of British Industry, the Federation of Small Business and National Apprenticeship Service (NAS). Also we select opportunity areas identified in the social mobility index published by Social mobility Commission to deliver this apprenticeship training in future.

We intend to launch Higher Education delivery for disadvantaged young and adult learners who can’t access through UCAS admission systems for our UK Universities (HEIs) in pertaining to government widening participation (WP) agenda to build skills in construction, beauty therapy and business to increase the access to UK Higher Education Institutions (Universities) to strengthen Academic, Vocational and Technical pathways for them to work with employers to enhance their access to desired careers.


We aim to be a highly recognised, excellent and first choice education and training provider organisation for learners and employers across the community and beyond through the provision of higher and further education and training in an inclusive environment.


To enhance employability skills for young and adult learners through apprenticeships and Higher Education.

To maintain and improve quality assurance processes continuously

To maintain standards in line with framework and inspection of Review Bodies.


To provide high quality training for our apprentices to develop vocational and employability skills which would enable them 00to contribute to their work place from 2017/18 Academic year.

To acquire Matrix Standards accreditation in 2017/18 Academic year in order to get an Approved Quality mark.

To get successful review by Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) on Higher Education Review (HER) during 2018/19 Academic Year

To ensure our apprentices develop knowledge, Skills and behaviour along with English, Mathematics and ICT in accordance with Ofsted Common inspection Frame work standards for apprenticeships in 2018/19 Academic year.

To become officially recognised provider for higher education in England and to enable our students to access the student support systems for under graduate courses in the 2019/20 Academic year.