Our Management Board have meetings frequently with the local employers to identify the labour demand in the industry.  Then we will check whether we get that standards or framework available to deliver. Our due diligence process will then start to complete the full process with employers.  We will start the recruitment and selection process with employers for the standards and frameworks we deliver. We check whether their experience and previous qualifications are sufficient to follow our apprenticeship standards and framework. We check their contract as per to the UK employment regulations like employment rights act 1996 and all job roles are genuine. We also ensure that all apprentices got commitment statement and apprenticeship agreement with our employers. We do regular trainings and on programme assessment for employers for their recruitment and selection drive for apprenticeship

We do trainings in -

1. Initial Assessment and recording

2. Diagnostic assessment and classification

3. ILP and Setting up Assessment plan

5. Feedback

6. Internal verification of Assignment briefs and assessed decisions


20% off the job training will take place to provide theories and learner support and functional skills will be provided apart from this time.  This will be done through block release method.


We conduct regular class observations and learner feedback session to ensure the appropriate standards are being delivered.


We also provide guidance on employer co investment and end point assessment. Employer digital account training will be provided by us for levy paying employers. 

Challenges will be managed through proper risk assessment in all phases of the operation.  We inspire apprentices by providing high standard literacy and numeracy skills along with study skills to meet the employer needs and have a secure employment post apprenticeship period.